QLD QR Patrol Products

These products are used together with QLD QR Patrol software. They include QR Codes and NFC Tags with more products coming soon. You will be able to purchase these from your dashboard when you subscribe to one of our plans.

QR Codes

Custom self-adhesive and water proof QR Code tags.

These QR Codes are made by QLD QR Patrol specifically for our customers. They are self adhesive, waterproof and stick to almost all types of surfaces. Also, these can have your company's logo and website printed on them.

AU $1.00 / per QR Code

NFC Tags

Self-adhesive and ultra durable NFC Tags.

These self adhesive and ultra durable NFC tags are produced in house by QLD QR Patrol for our customers. They stick to almost all types of surfaces, and can be re-used multiple times.

AU $3.00 / per NFC Tag


High-tech data transmitting beacons

Beacons are 23mm by 65.5mm and weigh approximately 25g. Depending on air, their range is approximately 6 meters to 90 meters, with duration of 4 to 5 years. Each beacon requires 2 AAA batteries.

Note: batteries are not included

AU $30.00 / per Beacon

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