Features, Apps and Functionality

QLD QR Patrol is a powerful, intuitive, and extremely useful tool to help you with your day to day tasks with your staff. Let's learn more.


Incident Reports

Monitor incidents in real-time by gathering multimedia data (image, voice, detailed notes) with signature fields.


Tour Monitoring

Monitor your guards and manage your workflow in an efficient way, automating all internal work process.


Guards' Schedules

Create guards’ schedule templates and follow specific scheduling during the whole patrol monitoring activities.



Automatic record of check in and check out in real-time giving the ability to track working hours and control budget.


Advanced Reporting

Create multiple reports (scanned, missed check points / incidents / patrol duration) using advanced filtering and export abilities (PDF, excel).


QR Code Based

Scan resistant, waterproof NFC tags or QR codes placed on buildings and territories and send immediate alerts and reports.

Reasons To Love QLD QR Patrol

QLD QR Patrol is a Real Time guard monitoring system which skyrockets the efficiency of security companies and offer them the ability to upgrade their services via technology. In brief, QR-Patrol incorporates all the basic features of a smart guard tour system solution.

What Can it Do?

  • Create and connect sites with checkpoints
  • Receive SOS alerts and take immediate action checkpoints
  • Send incidents reports to your clients or to the Monitoring Center
  • Manage patrols remotely in real-time
  • Verify guard tours online and check missed patrols
What Can it do?

Increase Productivity

QLD QR Patrol guard tour system relieves officers from daily time-consuming processes such as filling paper reports and making repetitive phone calls to the Monitoring Center, provoking confusion and misunderstandings.

What Can it do?

How does it help you?

The whole procedure is defined by strict guidelines and simple actions to take. Guards and officers can quickly send incidents reports, implement patrols and any other guard service by taking advantage of the last innovations in technology.

How does it help others?

Companies and Clients are also informed and engaged in the monitoring process in real-time, keeping remote control on every aspect of guard tour services and reacting immediately to any incidents as required. Every guard tour is verified in real-time and any promised service is met or unaccomplished.

Instant Data - Centralized Monitoring

All of the data, including guards locations, progress, activities and more are available to you instantly, in real time at any moment, both on mobile and web applications.

What is QLD QR Patrol the best?

  • Weather-proof, low-cost, and QR-codes tags
  • Instant activities reports and history logs
  • User-friendly interface requires minimal training
  • No hardware infrastructure required, no software installation
  • Data interoperability for real-time access from any point worldwide
  • Complete visibility into scanned or missed checkpoints in real-time
What Can it do?

Unique Reporting Functionality

R-Patrol is a smart guard tour and patrol monitoring system aiming to improve daily operations in security companies and arm clients with total control over their territories. Multiple reporting options are available.

What Can it do?

What is QLD QR Patrol the best?

  • Total patrol duration report filtered by guard and patrol
  • Incidents reports filtered by Client, site and guard with the option to send them via e-mail to Client
  • Finished Scheduled Routes (Scanned or Missed Check Points – filtering by date or missed checkpoints routes)
  • Advanced filtering by client in all patrol events (including Incidents, MME, scans) and PDF/Excel export capabilities

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