New QLD QR-Patrol Mobile App is released in Android

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Listening to our customers’ valuable feedback has helped us develop the product that QR-Patrol is today: a powerful – yet user-friendly, leading solution in the market of Real-Time Management Systems!
As we always want to ensure that we are at the forefront of technology, we’ve made some improvements and several new additions and are now thrilled to announce that the new QLD QR-Patrol Mobile Application is released in a BETA testing phase! So if you feel like playing with it, feel free to do so and send us your feedback and/or suggestions at
Among its numerous exciting new features, you will find the following:
Fingerprint Login
Multiple Photos on MMEs/Incidents
Mobile Forms without the need to scan a checkpoint
Timeline Page
Even simpler, more user-friendly interface
The New QLD QR-Patrol BETA App is available on PlayStore: 

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