Helpful Steps For the Safety in Hotels

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Helpful Steps For the Safety in Hotels


Ensuring Asset and Crowd Safety is of great importance for Hotel facilities; The Management has to minimise all threats and risks, while at the same time maintaining a pleasant environment for its Customers.

If you are worried on how to achieve this, consider the following Top 7 Security Tips forĀ Reinforcing Safety at your Hotel Property:


1. Access Control

The most important factor to consider when you are aiming to safeguard your Hotel is to control access; ensure that a Guard (or more) are inspecting every access point, either this is by physical presence, or via remote monitoring.

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Largest Hotels bear more than one central entrances and some supplementary entrances for service facilities management. It means that each of these entrances have to be inspected thoroughly and scanned consistently for any suspicious movement 24/7.


2. Patrol Public Areas

Hotels are busy and crowded, and with constant people movement; it should be no surprise that patrolling your Hotel Public Areas such as the Reception Lobby, Restaurant, Parking Lot, and Meeting Room etc. should be on the top of your priorities list in order to keep your safety standards high. Great attention should be given in ensuring that Patrol Schedule is followed.

best security guard tour management-qr-patrol system

Modern Technology has brought a big change in the way Patrols are being managed and monitored, and investing on a Real-time Guard Tour System can be of great help for achieving your goal and reinforcing safety. You can now automate tasks, enable remote monitoring of assets and buildings and manage all your territories in real-time by just using a cloud guard tour monitoring solution.


3. Discourage Thieves and Criminals

Getting specific measures a direct path to secure your Hotel facility, but you shouldn’t also forget to discourage potential lifters and muggers.

How will it be possible?

Just make all of your security measures visible! Place clear indications in prominent locations, add security cameras and warn that the whole place is under security control. A potential burglar or intruder will not be so eager again to attempt an intrusion in your place.

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4. Train your staff

Each agency, either an accounting firm or a heavy industry factory should conduct and follow a strict worker policy which defines all the proactive measures and procedures to follow in order to ensure workers health and protection. The aim of a worker policy documentation is to provide tips and guidelines that will minimise risks and potential dangerous situations.

So, as far as a hotel agency, you should of course define a strict worker policy but also reinforce it arranging staff training meetings and informing about all the necessary actions they should take in order to ensure personal safety during their work. (e.g. Receptionists should discourage clients from leaving staff unaccompanied or leaving the doors unlocked.)


5. Train your customers

Your personnel is not the only one that should be educated in order to avoid risks. In a well known hotel, hundreds of people arrive and leave every day. You can think of your hotel as a large network of different people who interact every day and need to live in harmony within the same complex.

So, it is not easy to implement the same rules for all, but you should definitely manage to do it.

The best way to achieve it is to make your clients feel that following common guidelines and adopting a common sense regarding safety is the only way to ensure maximum security during their accommodation to the hotel. A simple trick would be to assign the task to the Front Desk Clerks who could inform new clients about your safety policy, like not leaving their personal stuff unattended, do not exit the hotel without leaving the room key to the reception, etc.


6. Take Proactive Measures

When you are expecting a big group of people coming to your premises, e.g. for a forthcoming event held in your Hotel, it would be a good idea to send some standard notices in advance. Which is the tip in this case? Make your guests cautious but not worried, offering a feeling of safety and ensure about robust procedures regarding their security.


7.Enhance your Guards’ protection

So you’ve taken all precautions and measures to discourage
criminals and safeguard your Hotel; but what about your
Guards? It can be the case that they face some dangerous situation; they should be able to quickly communicate this and get assistance.
The implementation of a real-time Guard Tour System allows them to send an SOS alarm instantly, so the threat can be managed in the most effective way. To take it one step further, advanced Guard Tour Systems support the use of Guard werables like clips, which can detect when a Guard falls/slips due to a threat and send instant, automatic alarms!


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