Checkpoint Last Scan Date Report Added

    New Feature |

In QLD QR-Patrol, we always work to enable you manage your guards and their patrols in a productive way, with less worktime and much more automation and efficiency!

Towards this direction one more report is now available on the web application, in order to help you have a better overview of your checkpoints: Checkpoint Last Scan Date Report!

It is sometimes the case that a checkpoint needs your attention (e.g. a QR-Code is removed or a beacon needs battery replacement): at the same time, checking all your checkpoints and ensuring everything is in place can be a challenge and definitely may take-up a while;

this is why we’ve decided to add the Checkpoint Last Scan Date Report, showing details of the last time a checkpoint was scanned by one of your Guards!


This way you can quickly and easily identify a problematic checkpoint and take action!

In addition to this, acquiring details about the last date a checkpoint was scanned can help you reinforce safety status of certain areas and buildings that could otherwise have skipped your attention!

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